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Hallway wallpaper tips - how to create your dream interior

Hallway wallpaper tips

You enter the house after a long day at work. The first room you see is the entryway. Have you ever thought about how important it is for this space to make a good impression on you? And can the hallway, seemingly a trivial element of every apartment, become a unique decorative element? Yes! The key to this is the right choice of wallpaper.

Understanding the space: dark hallway and entryway

The entryway and hallway are spaces that serve as a showcase for the apartment, unfortunately often overlooked during home decorating. Their arrangement is extremely important - they create the first impression. And that's why we should give them more attention when arranging our home. The biggest problem with such a room is that in a narrow entryway or in small apartments there is usually a lack of light, which can make them seem even smaller. So how can you give them a unique character? With the help of wallpapers!

Why are wallpapers important in interior design?

Wallpapers play a key role in interior design. Thanks to the variety of patterns and colors, they can completely change the character of a room, adding depth and originality. By choosing the right wallpaper, we can easily highlight the style in which our apartment is decorated and also mask certain architectural imperfections.

Hallway wallpaper tips

What is the best wallpaper for a narrow hallway?

Colors and patterns selection rules

When choosing colors and motifs for wallpapers, it is worth following three basic rules:

  • The rule of contrast - if the furniture is dark, the wallpaper should be light, and vice versa;

  • The the rule of harmony - the color and pattern of the wallpaper should match the rest of the decor;

  • The rule of proportion - large patterns look best on large walls, while small ones on small walls.

Choosing wallpaper for a small and narrow entryway can be a challenge. What should you pay attention to? First, the color - light colors visually enlarge the space, while dark ones can visually reduce it. As for the patterns, it is worth opting for delicate and not too loud ones, for example, a pattern in small flowers or light stripes, so as not to overwhelm the interior. We can also opt for monochrome wallpapers and decorate our entryway with posters or paintings, which we can easily and quickly change.

And are wall murals also a good choice for the entryway? Of course! Thanks to them, we can transform our entryway into a real art gallery! However, remember about balance - too large and intense wallpapers patterns can overwhelm the interior.

Modern hallway wallpapers: find your perfect match

Wondering what wallpapers are currently in fashion? Among the most popular trends, we can include wallpapers with tropical leaves, stripes, geometric patterns, but also vintage-style wallpapers, in a classic version. Of course, you don't have to blindly follow fashion - choose wallpapers that best suit your taste and the decor of your apartment.

Hallway wallpaper tips

Tropical leaves, geometric patterns, and other fashionable wallpapers

In our assortment, you will find modern hallway wallpapers. Among many prints such as abstractions, marble, concrete, brick pattern, or natural wood, nature wallpapers, such as floral, and especially with tropical leaves, are also trendy. Such wallpaper will revive any room, adding an exotic character. Geometric patterns are also a hit - they will give the interior a modern and original look. But that's not all!

Scandinavian style - light colors and simple patterns

The Scandinavian style is one of the most fashionable trends in recent years. It is characterized by light colors, simple patterns, and minimalism. Wallpapers in this style will therefore look beautiful not only in the bedroom or living room but also in the hallway. Thanks to the delicate, horizontal prints on the wallpaper, we can make our small hallway appear visually longer. The same principle will apply to vertical lines - they will make our entryway seem much taller than it actually is.

Wallpapers - which material is best for the entryway

Have you ever experienced that freshly cleaned wallpaper was dirty again after just a few days? Or maybe cleaning it was a challenge for you? If so, modern washable wallpapers are the perfect solution for your entryway! The hallway is a place where dirt and stains quickly and frequently appear on all surfaces. Walls are no exception! Therefore, they need good protection. Vinyl wallpaper is characterized by high resistance to damage and is easy to clean, making it always extremely aesthetic and beautiful.

Hallway wallpaper tips

How to clean vinyl wallpaper in the hallway - tips and tricks

How to deal with stains on vinyl wallpaper? The key to effective cleaning of wallpapers is speed. The faster you react to the stain, the easier it will be to remove it. Use a gentle detergent and a soft damp cloth, then wipe the stained area. Remember not to rub too hard to avoid damaging the wallpaper. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to clean it.

Which wallpaper for a small entryway? Final recommendations

Choosing entryway wallpaper is quite a challenge, but with our tips, you will surely succeed. Remember color rules , as well as practicality - modern wallpaper should not only be beautiful but also easy to clean. This way, your entryway or hallway will be not only fashionable but also functional.

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