Glass Prints

Glass prints are a modern way of decorating walls, more and more often used in private homes, offices, as well as service and commercial outlets. This unique wall decoration will completely change the decor of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. It will also be an original decoration in places such as an office, hotel room, reception and interiors of fitness clubs, beauty salons and SPAs.

Glass prints are an excellent alternative to typical decorations on paper or canvas. Thanks to the high quality of digital printing, we guarantee vivid and deep colours; the presented pictures reflect every detail of the motif, and an additional gloss effect attracts the eyes of guests and clients.

By using glass prints as a wall decoration, you can give the interior of a room or office a completely different, unique character. In addition to traditional one-piece prints, our store also offers multi-part glass decorations. Such unique designer decorations match any interior, both modern and classic.

If you want the interior of your flat to look modern and elegant, glass prints will be an ideal wall decoration. Feel free to browse our rich collection of themes, where you will certainly find a glass print perfectly suited to the room's purpose and colour scheme.

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