Glass chopping boards

Personalised modern cutting boards - custom printed glass chopping boards

Glass cutting boards will be an effective way to decorate your kitchen regardless of the motif. We offer unique, glass boards in sizes 52x30 cm and 52x60 cm.

Glass worktop savers are made of toughened glass which makes them extremely durable. They can be easily washed, also in a dishwasher, and according to many people, they are the most hygienic cutting boards. They do not absorb odours and mould.

However, they are not only a functional cooking tool but also a decorative element. They can also be used as bases for hot dishes or for food and snacks. A meal served on a glass chopping board with an attractive motif looks remarkable, and the board itself is an additional attraction on the table.

Hundreds of patterns, motifs and graphics - choose a glass kitchen board that will further enhance your kitchen decoration

Glass cover plates are available in our store in several thematic categories. We offer themes related to kitchen and, therefore, beautiful, colourful pictures of foods and drinks. They will certainly fit any kitchen perfectly. For those who want to spice up their kitchen, we also offer boards with motifs of beautiful, colourful landscapes. Flower and animal motifs will be equally as attractive. The richness of colours and beautiful pictures on the glass boards look impressive. People who prefer art will also find many motifs and textures that will add variety to any kitchen.

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