Round mirrors

Explore our collection of round mirrors

Welcome to a realm where functionality meets artistry—our exclusive collection of round mirrors. These impeccably designed pieces are not just mirrors; they are a testament to modern elegance and style. Available in a variety of sizes from a compact 40 cm to an expansive 100 cm in diameter, our round mirrors serve as perfect accents for any space. Whether you're looking to add a touch of sophistication to your living room or seeking a functional chic piece for your bathroom, our mirrors are crafted to complement every setting.

Decorative round mirror with LED backlight
Decorative round mirror
with LED backlight (#lslo-00001)
size from: fi 40 cm
102.99 $
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Round bathroom mirror white frame
Round bathroom mirror
white frame (#ls-kffffff)
size from: fi 40 cm
77.99 $
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Round mirror black frame
Round mirror
black frame (#ls-k1f1b1a)
size from: fi 40 cm
80.99 $
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Decorative round mirror on the wall without frame
Decorative round mirror on the wall
without frame (#lo-00000000)
size from: fi 40 cm
57.99 $
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Minimalist charm to classic grace - styles for every taste

Delve into our diverse range of round wall mirrors, crafted to cater to every aesthetic preference. For lovers of sleek, contemporary designs, our minimalist mirrors without frames offer a clean, uncluttered look, seamlessly integrating into any modern decor. Alternatively, if your taste leans towards the timeless, our classic mirrors framed in elegant black or pristine white provide a striking contrast, ideal for both light and dark-themed rooms. Each mirror promises not only to reflect your image but also to encapsulate your personal style.

Illuminate and beautify - LED and decorative options

Elevate your home's ambiance with our specialty mirrors. Our round mirrors equipped with LED backlighting not only brighten your room but also enhance your daily grooming rituals by providing crystal-clear reflections. For those who appreciate artistic details, we offer decorative mirrors adorned with exquisite patterns on their frames, turning each piece into a stunning work of art. These decorative mirrors serve as a focal point, making any wall they grace more vibrant and inviting. Step into the light and let your space sparkle with our beautifully designed mirrors.