Acrylic prints

Acrylic prints are a modern accessory for any interior. They will be an excellent wall decoration in the house, especially one modern in style, as well as in offices and places such as showrooms or service salons.

Acrylic prints are not only a modern decoration for the wall. They also guarantee extraordinary depth of colours, excellent quality of digital print, and high durability. They are resistant to moisture and easy to clean. This makes them a beautiful wall decoration for any room—the living room, bedroom, office, but also the kitchen and the bathroom. The ability to use them to decorate walls in rooms exposed to moisture is a great advantage of acrylic prints. The bathroom, kitchen or even the terrace can now be decorated with a wonderful painting that won't be destroyed and will please our eyes for a long time.

Our offer includes several thousand themes divided by subject. This makes it easy to find an interesting theme that will match your taste and style of the room.

Acrylic prints can be ordered from our store in many sizes and formats. In addition to traditional horizontal and vertical images, we also offer images in the format of a square as well as multi-part decorations. Such unusual forms will additionally make the walls in each room more attractive.

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