Christmas interior design ideas - practical Christmas decorations

The pre-Christmas period is the most beautiful time of the year. Dark evenings are lit up with beautiful Christmas decorations, inspirations and ideas for original gifts appear in stores, and we search recipe pages to choose the best ones and surprise our guests. It is also worth thinking about decorations... both traditional and less typical, but very original.

practical Christmas decorations

How to make Christmas decorations? Do it yourself!

Decorating for Christmas is a lot of work. You need to find the perfect tree, buy the right ornaments, and then spend a few days making your home look festive. Fortunately, there are a few ideas that will save you time and money this year. We've rounded up our favorite easy ways to decorate this holiday season.

DIY Christmas garlands

Garlands are a great way to add some festive cheer to your home. They are also an excellent and cheap decoration for any occasion. DIY Christmas garlands can be made from anything you have at home. They are easy to make and will only take an hour or two. If you need some inspiration on how to make a DIY Christmas garland, here are some ideas:

  • A simple ribbon garland is a great way to create something that is both festive and elegant. You can find ribbon in all colors and patterns, so it will be easy for you to find one that best suits your style. You can also use the bows as decoration on the ribbon if you want something fancier.
  • A Christmas yarn garland is perfect if you want something rustic and natural with a bit of texture! You can use different colors of yarn/cord to create the perfect garland for your home.

practical Christmas decorations

  • You can use any color of LED lights and mount them around the window - the lights themselves are amazing!
  • Garland with spruce or fir branches - just hang the branches on a thick string, add LED lights and your table, window or door decoration is ready.

Christmas paper decorations

Paper crafts are one of the easiest things to do at home. If you don't want to spend money on store trinkets, it's worth trying to make them yourself. Paper Christmas decorations are very easy to make. Thanks to them, the space will gain charm and a festive atmosphere. We suggest how to prepare a Christmas star and snowflakes from paper.

Paper snowflakes

  1. One of the easiest Christmas decorations to hang on a Christmas tree or in a window. To prepare it, we only need scissors and a sheet of paper.
  2. Cut out a circle from the paper
  3. Fold them in half, then in half again, and again until you have a cone
  4. On the corner, we draw with a pencil the patterns that we want to appear on our snowflake
  5. We carefully cut out the drawn patterns
  6. We unfold the card and it's ready! All you have to do is hang our snowflake on a thread.

practical Christmas decorations

Christmas paper star

Make a lot of them - they can't be missing in your home! They are perfect as decorations on a Christmas tree or in a child's room.

  1. We draw a pattern of a classic star on a piece of paper
  2. We cut out the drawn pattern with a margin of about 0.5 cm, which we then slightly incise and bend to the inside - prepare more such stars right away!
  3. Time to fold two stars! Glue them together with previously folded paper
  4. Such stars can either be placed on the table as a decoration, or you can stick a piece of thread inside and hang it in different parts of the house.

Christmas decorations for the kitchen

Pleasant to the eye and well-arranged kitchen is the most important room in the house. This is where the tastiest dishes are made, especially the Christmas ones. Preparing Christmas Eve, especially for a larger family, is a real challenge, so it's important to make it easier. One of the accessories that will make cutting vegetables and fish go quickly and efficiently is a glass kitchen board. This inconspicuous kitchen gadget will save you time and water.

Glass kitchen boards with a Christmas theme

Glass kitchen boards do not require careful scrubbing after cutting meat or fish, all you need to do is wash them with dishwashing liquid with a little water. Tempered glass has the advantage of not getting scratched, is resistant to temperature and damage, so it is also suitable for washing in dishwashers. What's more - the original Christmas design will introduce a Christmas atmosphere to any kitchen. After finishing the cutting, the kitchen boards will be a unique winter decoration.

christmas decorations

Below are our Christmas Eve inspirations:

1. A glass cutting board Coffee and Gift is a practical reminder for everyone who buys Christmas presents at the last moment. With such a board on the kitchen worktop, the chances of buying presents on time will increase significantly. After exhausting shopping you will certainly deserve a delicious vanilla coffee.

2. A glass cutting board The illuminated Christmas tree will introduce Christmas directly to your kitchen and warm the raw white interior. When decorating the house for the coming days, it is worth making sure that the kitchen creates an idyllic, winter climate that will inspire you to make culinary experiments.

3. A glass cutting board The Maltese with a Fly will awaken the Christmas spirit in each of you. The December decorations need not be boring - put on a bit of humor and grace, and by the way, in all this bustle, do not forget about your four-legged friends.

4. A glass cutting board Cherries on Wood is the smell of Christmas cake in every home! Do you remember those tempting smells coming out of the kitchen a few days before Christmas Eve? Notes of orange, vanilla, gingerbread with cherry jam? Get inspired and create unique, fragrant and tasty pastries.

5. A glass cutting board Herbs and Spices is absolutely necessary when preparing fish and salads - there are no good dishes without aromatic herbs! Don't be afraid to use them, in the right proportions, your guests will be delighted with your ideas.

Christmas countdown

In addition to a cutting board, a glass clock in natural winter colors will also look great. The colors of red, green in combination with white and silver are very popular. Glass clock can be hung in the kitchen or other suitable interior at the beginning of December, thanks to which the Christmas atmosphere will stay with us for longer. This Christmas ornament will also be a great gift for our loved ones or friends.

christmas decorations
practical Christmas decorations

Move the winter landscape from behind the window to your interior - original Christmas decorations in your home

Holidays, during which snow fell profusely, covering everything around, slowly fade into oblivion. However, we can admire such views while being in the apartment, and not only in movies or surfing the Internet, but also in the form of a picture on one of our walls. The view of snow-covered streets, beautiful snowflakes or forests and mountains covered with snow powder - the choice of Christmas landscapes is huge. For those who cannot decide on a specific pattern, we recommend choosing several Christmas motifs and creating an amazing gallery of paintings on one wall.

christmas canvas prints

In addition to winter landscapes, you can also choose Christmas prints , i.e. baubles, Christmas tree or a gift, or a bit traditionally - a stable or an angel.
In this special time, remember about your loved ones, whom you can give these functional gifts today.

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