Five ideas for a spring living room decor

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Spring is a season longed for more than the first snow. It is hardly surprising, after the lack of a real winter we look forward to fresh energy that will stimulate us to creative action. Spring energy is also worth introducing into the interior.

The secret is in colors

It's nothing new that the colors we surround ourselves with every day matter. The domain of spring consists in green, nature comes to life, beautiful green leaves bloom as does lush green grass. Green will bring a breath of freshness and peace to interiors. Green is the color of nature that eases and calms you down, allows you to get your thoughts together. Intense green stimulates action and adds energy. Spring interior arrangements take advantage of the entire palette of green shades - from pastel to bottle green.

Bet on flowers

Blooming flower buds are something that evokes memories of a warm, sunny meadow, cloudless sky, and levity. There will be plenty of them in spring and summer interior decorations during the spring/summer 2020 season. Wall murals with floral motifs will be particularly desirable. This spring belongs to beautiful, delicate, and feminine compositions, but also to brave ones that are not afraid of clear colors and like to experiment with designs.

Below we present five ideas for spring living room decor:

1. Spring meadow wall mural
If it's possible to somehow imagine a spring meadow, it would be just that - gentle, bathed in sunshine, with dew drops after a morning frost. Such meadows can be found during hikes through forest trails. Our removable Meadow wall mural will find its place in more than one living room of hiking aficionados.

2. Wildflowers wall mural
June belongs to poppies and cornflowers. These beautiful wild flowers are fragile and delicate, they can easily be destroyed. Many brides choose them for wedding bouquets due to their unique charm. The Poppies and cornflowers peel and stick wall mural will keep the beauty of wild flowers inside for a long time.

3. Lavender fields wall mural
The fashion for lavender decorations and accessories came to us from French Provence. Lavender is a flower valued because of its anti-stress properties, if you put it in a wardrobe, your clothes will be safe from moths. Lavender is also often used for long, relaxing baths. The Lavender peel and stick wallpaper constitutes a great idea for a spring decoration of a modern kitchen.

4. Forest corner wall mural
There is nothing better than a walk in the forest on a sunny spring day. Such a walk constitutes a relief for tired eyes and ears, as well as an escape from everyday noise. Forest walks are therapeutic, calming, energizing, and regenerate the strained psyche. Spruce removable wallpaper is a gift idea for those who cannot take a walk along a forest trail.

5. Morning sunrise wall mural
The most beautiful sunrises take place during the spring and summer. The sky takes on shades of red, and the night gives way to day. Magnificent sunrises are something worth remembering, that's why the sunrises will stay with you for longer with our Tree of Sunrise self-adhesive wallpaper. This inspiration can be easily used as a bedroom decoration. Waking up will become much more pleasant.

The time for spring decor is just beginning. Find more wallpaper inspiration in our shop.

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