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How to decorate your home in urban jungle style? Urban jungle with no secrets

home in urban jungle style

Are there any lovers of distant travels who would like to bring their memories of tropical holidays to their home? In an interior inspired by exotic plants and animal motifs, you will feel like in the far Amazon jungle or in the sun filled Africa.

Urban jungle style - interior characteristics

Interior design trends are constantly changing, but there are timeless ideas that never go out of style. One such idea is to use natural elements such as wood, stone or plants to create an inviting environment. These elements enliven any space and make us feel at home.

And that's what the urban jungle style is all about. It's a style that often includes a natural and organic look, with colorful accents and a cool atmosphere. The urban jungle is characterized by an abundant use of greenery, not only in the form of plants, but also in the use of decorative elements such as floral wallpapers or posters with exotic plants.

The interior in the urban jungle style will be filled with earth, wood and terracotta colors. It is assumed that the walls should be white to provide a perfect back to green ornaments and natural wood. However, it is worth considering the more attractive colors of the walls and ceilings and opt for, for example, a dark green color.

home in urban jungle style

Potted plants in an urban jungle space

The most important element of the decor in the style of urban jungle are plants. And plants in large numbers! Therefore, go all out when decorating. Play as much as you want with the amount, types and colors of vegetation. The more of it in your home, the better!

However, remember to prepare properly before buying them. Check what type of soil and how much sunlight they need and how often they should be watered. Find plants that match the level of your experience.

Indoor plants are most often used for interiors designed in the style of an urban jungle:

  • Oak ficus
  • Banana tree
  • Alocasia
  • Monstera deliciosa
  • Strelitzia
  • areca palm
  • climbing plants such as Epipremnum golden or philodendron

It is also worth considering traditional succulents and cacti in the arrangement. In addition, you can also be tempted to use the so-called seedlings. air plants.

home in urban jungle style

Equipment and accessories in the spirit of urban jungle

Furniture and decorations made of natural materials such as wicker, wood, bamboo or terracotta will suit the urban jungle-style spaces. These materials not only complement the style of the urban jungle, but will be much more durable than plastic equipment.

In addition to a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a table, there are also shelves in urban jungle-style interiors. They are crucial for designing a room in this style, as they are perfect for displaying potted plants. It can be hung in different places and at different heights. Place them over the TV, bed or sofa. Above the window, place ceiling shelves so that climbing plants can be beautifully displayed on them. If you prefer something more conspicuous, it is worth thinking about buying a wooden bookcase resembling a ladder and placing, for example, cacti or other potted plants on it.

Plush sofas and pouffes, woolen blankets and pillows and shaggy rugs will add a bit of subtlety to the room. An exotic atmosphere will be created by macrame walls, tapestries or posters with floral patterns. It has also become very fashionable to use lamellas that will proudly present themselves on the wall like tree trunks. It is also worth combining tropical green wallpaper with paneling in a beautiful way.

home in urban jungle style

home in urban jungle style

Wall decorations with a nature theme

For a home in the style of an urban jungle, leafy and floral prints, landscape paintings and other decorative elements focused on the theme of nature are ideal. It is worth paying the most attention to wallpapers with a jungle motif or tropical patterns. Interior designs in an urban jungle atmosphere are based mainly on our creativity, so you can also prepare wall decorations yourself. All you need is a few frames and leaves from potted plants to make beautiful prints for binding.

With a few well-chosen additions and an innumerable number of plants, it is very easy to give the interior a "jungle" atmosphere. Nothing stands in the way of using urban jungle in every room in the house or apartment. Let your imagination run wild and create this extraordinary atmosphere in your four corners.

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