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5 most popular living room wallpapers

wall murals for the living room

When you're sitting at home, it's not just the kids who get bored. It is now the second month, the situation is still uncertain and the end is not visible. What to do with this free time? Many of you are looking for an inspirations for your kitchen, living room or bedroom on the Internet. This is a very good time to put effort into refreshing the interiors.

Quick and easy transformation of the interior

The times when you had to wait for weeks for a change of décor, especially in bad weather, when the paint didn't quite want to dry, are gone. Today you can change the look of your living room or bedroom in a few dozen minutes. How to do that? Using colourful murals. The material of which our wall murals are made is resistant to dirt, abrasion and mechanical damage. Once glued, the wallpaper can be peeled off and glued several times without damaging the walls. What is important - the layer on which we stick MagicStick material should be cleaned and refreshed, and above all, it should not be painted with acrylic or latex paint. Smooth and clean surface ensures good wallpaper adhesion.

The trendiest designs for spring/summer 2020

This season is definitely dominated by plant and flower motifs. The trend that can be said to aspire to the 2020 trend is a combination of boho style and passion for plants. Although the very tendency to enrich interiors with living flowers and plants has been going on for some time, nowadays it is also visible in decorative motifs: flowers, leaves, plants, palms.

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The second outstanding style of interior decoration is the geometric style, which is often associated with a love of botanical compositions. In addition, you can also see beautiful murals on the walls with landscapes from exotic journeys and bird patterns. In addition, you can also see beautiful wall murals with landscapes from exotic journeys and bird patterns on the walls.

1. Rock Door
The wallpaper with a view is a great motif for use in the kitchen or living room. In the current situation, the paradise holidays have been postponed, so it is good to be able to enjoy such views every day. The self-adhesive Rock Doors photo wallpaper will give the character of a Scandinavian style room, breaking the raw white.

2. Patterned succulents
Suculents are one of the most frequently used decorative motifs. They are most often seen as window or living room art, but their beauty enchanted us so much that we decided to move them to a wall mural. The removable wallpaper Patterned Succulents will complement the living room in the urban jungle climate.

3. Wooden Tree Jar
With the return to nature and natural things, we also like to back to rural style. It combines a love for raw, wooden elements and boho style. If there are cottage style enthusiasts here, the self-adhesive Wooden Jar Wall Mural will be the perfect addition to your kitchen or living room.

4. Pink Flamingos
Birds motifs are a decorating trend that has been going on for a long time. Flamingos are among the most popular birds used in interior decoration. It is the pastel pink combined with black that makes them unique. Removable Pink Flamingo Wall Mural is a great choice for the bedroom or child's room.

5. Geometric Aloe Vera
Geometry has been present in interior design for a very long time and is not going to give up. Geometric patterns dominate the Scandinavian or loft style, but our self-adhesive Geometric Aloe Vera wallpaper can be used in cottage or urban jungle style. The greenery will enliven the space and give it character.

We hope that our wall murals will inspire you to create an original space where you will feel comfortable and safe.

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