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A boho style living room - arrangements and inspirations for an artistic makeover of the interior

How to arrange a boho style living room?

Popular with artists, fashion and interior designers, it appeared with panache in apartments surrounded by the city noise. The boho style, because that's what we are talking about, allows us to express unlimited expression in interior design, which made it an everlasting trend.

The boho style is extremely diverse, at times surprising and intriguing. It is a wonderful mix of colors, textures and patterns that combines influences and elements of different eras and cultures, which is why we are so eager to introduce its unique atmosphere in our homes as well.

We will advise you how to arrange a boho style living room so that you can feel the essence of this unique aesthetic in it: creativity, enthusiasm and lightness of life.

Boho style in interior design: an attractive play of colors and ethnic motifs

The eclectic nature of boho means that there are no fixed, written rules for designing spaces in such a style. However, there are common practices that are a great starting point for an arrangement:

    • Bohemian-inspired spaces are filled with light, which wonderfully highlights the unique colors, textures and ethnic design of the room
    • Boho lets you go crazy. There is no such thing as "too much". You use decorations that will allow you to create an atmosphere that you like and in which you feel good. So go ahead and combine seemingly incompatible unique accessories that you can find, for example, at antiques fairs
    • Various types of furniture and accessories work well in boho aesthetics. Your main task will be to skillfully combine them so that they reflect the desired atmosphere.
Boho style in interior design
living room provence style
fashionable painting for the living room

How to arrange a boho style living room?

The living room is the heart of the whole home. It is a space that connects household members and provides rest after a hard day at work. Boho focuses on decorations inspired by nature, which is why lush plants, wooden elements and warm colors will become an inseparable part of the living room. So, what are the best boho living room decor ideas?

The colors of the walls in the boho living room

The boho style has evolved a lot since the first inspirations drawn from the times of the bohemian artistic environment. His nature was more colorful and energetic then. Today, the boho style allows color combinations in more subdued colors. The colors of the walls are to create a safe background, thanks to which extraordinary accessories in contrasting shades will become more expressive.

photo pictures for bedroom and living room

The living room, decorated in a boho style, will be dominated by earth colors such as beige, shades of brown, khaki or lighter shades of gray. There will also be white, which will slightly refer to the Scandinavian style, but the saturated colors and patterns of decorative elements will emphasize the originality of the interior design. Maintaining a muted tone of the wall will create a harmonious basis for an artistic setting.

Boho style living room furniture

Furniture in the living room in the boho style is equipment with history. They do not necessarily have to be original additions from previous eras. They may be brand new, but it is important that they look as if they had life before coming to your home. As if they were standing somewhere in a bazaar in South America before.

Rattan, raffia and wicker are classic materials for making boho-style furniture. The basis of the decor of the living room will be a large, comfortable sofa with soft upholstery - often preserved in pastel colors. Wonderful rattan furniture will make the space more tropical. Vintage equipment, such as a chest of drawers, a wardrobe or a coffee table made of dark wood, will perfectly contrast with the subdued colors of the rest of the accessories.

How to arrange a boho style living room?
a boho style living room

Don't forget about the Moroccan poufs or the originally renovated chairs from the grandma's attic. A large number of soft rest areas are essential to create a relaxing environment.

Natural materials, ethnic patterns and houseplants - the essence of the boho style

We use a lot of natural materials in the arrangement of a boho style living room. These are mainly textiles with rich ethnic patterns and animal motifs, such as pillows, soft blankets with fringes. Asymmetrically hung canvas paintings, hanging macramé, Persian carpets or own handicraft are also very popular.

You can never have too many houseplants in your boho home. The boho living room is based on nature that covers almost every corner of the space. If you can't afford to have a lot of plants in your home, you can perfectly decorate your interior with decorations such as flowers wall murals or nature wallpapers.

a boho style living room

Before you start decorating your living room in a boho style, make sure you have enough space to decorate it artistically. Boho style is endless layers of little things that, while creating visual chaos, look just beautiful.

Boho salon with a modern twist

Do you want to try the modern boho style? Nothing easier! A modern boho style living room is primarily a bold combination of colors. They can be darker colors of the walls, or a mixture of expressive accessories with unusual colors and texture.

When designing a modern bohemian living room, you can mix elegant elements with attractive boho-chic accents that provide an additional palette of shades and individuality. Combine bright walls with strong vintage accessories or put a little metal object next to wicker accessories. The decor of the new living room depends on the number of ideas for such eclectic mixes in your head.

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