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Living room in Provence style! Inspirations and ideas for a rustic interior

living room provence style

Do you dream of an interior preserved in the spirit of the simplicity and comfort of the provinces? Do you want your home to reflect the rural charms of life as well as the aesthetics and elegance of a French home? We will show you how to arrange a living room so that you can feel a little of the picturesque Provençal style in it.

Provençal style in interior design: the refined simplicity of the French country

Provence associated mainly with amazing sunsets just above the vast lavender fields and the scent of a range of dried herbs has become the perfect place to create a style that has become a trend all over the world.

The Provençal style is a French interior design that refers to bright southern climates. It is a combination of centuries-old traditions of country houses and the everlasting beauty of the Côte d'Azur. It is warm, cozy, but at the same time filled with an elegant note as befits a French house. The Provençal style has long ceased to be only part of country houses and has become an integral part of city apartments.

Distinctive features of the Provençal style in the interior

Interiors inspired by the style of southern France are spaces filled with the freshness of the sea breeze, the aromas of herbal compositions and lavender. They are full of light that reaches even the smallest corners of the room.

provencal style decorations
provencal style living room

What else is characteristic of spaces designed in the style straight from the French provinces:

  • warm and soft pastel colors;
  • wooden, elegant, bright, often white furniture;
  • ornaments made of porcelain and earthenware;
  • floral patterns;
  • natural materials (e.g. wood, stone, metal);
  • soft textiles (e.g. linen, cotton)
  • plants (fresh flowers, aromatic herbs)

How to arrange a Provençal-style living room?

The Provence style in the living room is characterized by openness, sun and aroma. The use of an old kettle or a vase with a composition of fresh flowers will add a rural charm. Old furniture in the living room will be an ideal place for porcelain figurines, metal boxes or wooden frames with family photos.

The colors of the living room in the Provençal style

Colors are the basis of a living room in a rustic, French style. Thanks to them, we will create a romantic, cozy and intimate atmosphere in the room. Provençal style is primarily bright, pastel colors. Such shades wonderfully reflect the sun's rays coming through the window, thus optically enlarging and illuminating the living room.

living room in provencal style

The patterns of Provence are mainly lavender purple and lilac, as well as yellow (shades of ocher), creamy muted blue and blurred ashen gray. Such a range of colors can be subtly mixed with each other or clearly contrasted.

If you like the colors of this style and would like to use it to create a Provencal-style living room, we encourage you to look at our store for products that are inspired by the French range of colors.

Provençal style living room furniture

Charming and stylish Provençal-style furniture is characterized by traditional shapes and proportions. Preserved in light colors with natural abrasions and cuts, wooden furnishings are the focal point in every living room. These are decorative elements that have been working for generations, so often in the decor of a Provencal living room we find a beautiful sideboard and an old table around which family life is going on. Such elegant furniture should be decorated with ceramic and porcelain accessories or one of our glass boards with a lavender or herb motif.

wall decorations provencal style

Natural materials for a Provençal living room

A living room inspired by Provencal style cannot lack natural materials. The most important of them is wood, from which rustic, solid furniture and stylish accessories are made. It is important that the arrangement of the living room also includes decorative elements made of ceramics, stone, wrought iron or brick.

Delicate fabrics, flowers and light - constant elements of Provençal charm

The Provencal style is characterized by subtlety and lightness, therefore, in a living room designed in the Provençal style, soft fabrics should not be missing. Delicate curtains that easily let in air and light streams will be the perfect window decoration. Materials such as tulle, satin or calico can be used here. Perfect as if the materials used were decorated with discreet floral prints or small beads.

Other decorative fabrics include cotton, linen and wool. They will be perfect for pillows and blankets to decorate living room sofas. When trying to create Provencal coziness, we cannot forget that such materials should also be decorated with floral motifs, frills, lace accessories, stripes or checks.

decorations in provencal style

Fresh flowers and herbs also play an important role in the Provencal-style living room. If we do not have access to them, it is worth investing in paintings with flowers or interesting, modern door stickers with the motif of French Provence.

Provençal wall decorations for the living room

The aesthetics of the French province remains a popular trend to this day, so it will not be surprising that on the decorative products market you will find a lot of beautiful decorations, perfectly matching a Provençal-style living room.

Wallpaper with a lavender theme

The use of wallpaper in the living room is a quick and easy way to give a space a French, idyllic atmosphere. Wallpapers with nature and floral motifs or directly referring to Provençal regions are perfect. In our store, it is worth paying attention to the Provence wall mural or the Lavender wall mural.

wallpaper in provencal style

Pictures with flowers and clocks with Provençal herbs motif

Interior designers recommend using wall decorations that are decorated with floral prints in soft colors. Canvas with a flower motif will wonderfully accentuate the wall and bring the charm of southern France closer.

It should also not be forgotten that herbs are an inseparable element of the Provençal-style living room decor. A fantastic complement to the room arrangement will be the use of a glass clock with a motif of Provençal herbs or an acrylic painting with dried leaves.

Provençal style in the hustle and bustle of the city

The decoration of the living room in the Provençal style is a great solution for people who love sunny and peaceful rooms. It is worth trying to create such a style also in large-city apartments, because it favors silence and relaxation, which we can experience so little in the hustle and bustle of city streets. In addition, floral and herbal motifs in delicate colors will give the space a romantic and idyllic character.

Creating a Provençal interior is a time-consuming task. But by following the basic rules, you will surely create an extraordinary, cozy and comfortable home that will delight you and your guests.

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