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Interior design - trends in 2021

wall decorations for the room

What will be fashionable in the decor in the coming year was greatly influenced by the fact that we were locked up at home for almost all of 2020. The subdued solutions that have so far dominated have received a lot of work. The interior design in 2021 will most likely be bolder and will please the eye with its diversity.

When arranging your apartment, you still have to remember two most important rules. The arrangement must be practical and functional above all. The appearance is in third place. The ideal solution is to find a balance between these aspects.

Interior design - colors in 2021

Experts' opinions are divided. On the one hand, many of them predict that the year 2021 will be marked by neutral colors (blue or subdued, bottle-green). The arrangements will also include delicate black. Powder pink and mustard are still fashionable. On the other hand, there are also opinions that in the coming year, more energetic colors will appear in the interiors, which will greatly compensate us for the "stagnant" passing year and will allow us to enter the next one with enthusiasm.

wall decorations for the room

An interesting fact is that beige will return. He's basically back - when you browse Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration, you'll find tons of interior designs that make use of it. Beige, which for years was treated as a sign of not very sophisticated taste, has become a fashionable color. The arrangements include all its shades (coffee with milk, caramel, cinnamon).

One thing can be said for sure in the context of colors in 2021 - it will not be boring. When looking for an idea for yourself, if you have not already done so, it is worth getting interested in the psychology of colors. In short: how they affect our well-being. Thanks to this knowledge, you will create friendly interiors for residents.

Marble trim

Marble finishes - this is another trend in interior design in the coming year. Although it should be mentioned that in previous years marble finishes were already fashionable. They work well in both classic and modern interiors. As before, in the coming year, "noble" marble will appear as a finishing material for countertops, stairs and window sills.

wall decorations for the room

It also works great as a floor. The marble floor gives the interior a significant character. It is also, and perhaps above all, a very permanent solution. If you have underfloor heating at home, you will use one more advantage of marble - it conducts heat perfectly.

Interiors decorated with bold wall murals

Tired of the passing year and the fact that we were locked in one place and our lifestyle was limited to a minimum, we will be looking for impressions in 2021. A sign that confirms this is the trend of interior decoration with beautiful wall murals. Their "courage" is expressed primarily in patterns. The range of possibilities associated with the latter aspect can be overwhelming at first. It is worth noting that when choosing a photo wallpaper for yourself, you should take into account its technical parameters (including durability, water resistance and scratch resistance).

wall decorations for the room

Let's go back to the patterns. Choose that one which will announce a more vigorous and full action for next year. Or maybe the pattern of wall mural that will present the challenge you want to face in 2021? The choice is basically limited only by your imagination!

Three-dimensional patterns of bathroom and kitchen tiles

Another trend that clearly indicates that interior design in 2021 cannot be boring in its meaning. The charm of ceramic tiles with a structural texture is that they add a modern look and energy to the rooms. It is impossible not to mention that thanks to this solution you will break a certain uniformity of bathroom and kitchen arrangement.

What to pay special attention to when choosing ceramic tiles? As in the case of photo wallpapers, the parameters are the most important here. The most important features include, among others, resistance to abrasion, anti-slip and water absorption. The latter factor is especially important for a bathroom, as is anti-slip. Abrasion resistance is expressed by five classes. This is very important information, especially for those parts of the flats that are exposed to mechanical damage.

Furniture with rounded edges

This trend was also present in the past year. There is no indication that furniture with rounded edges and a bent line will stop pleasing the eye in interior design in 2021. Of course, the choice is yours. If the raw aesthetics is more convincing, then furniture with simple shapes is better for it.

wall decorations for the room

On the other hand, rounded edges and bent lines are a way to arrange an interior that will be characterized by a certain vitality and energy - something that we definitely need not only in our apartments.

Regardless of the individual trends described above, main one will dominate the interior design in 2021, i.e.the aforementioned need for a certain note of madness and taking full advantage of everything. This seems to be the best recipe for creating a perfect and eye-catching interior design for your home.

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