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Modern grey arrangements

Grey has many names. Silver, grey, melange are just a few of many colors and terms of this elegant and stylish shade. Gray accessories make rooms look amazing and it fit into any interior. It can be anything - cushions, tablecloth, glass paintings, vases, wallpaper, flowerpots. You are only limited by your imagination. If you dream of refreshing your apartment, read this article and find out how to easily change your four corners by choosing modern and stylish accessories in grey.

Modern grey arrangements

Glass prints and other wall decorations

We don't think that nothing adds such charm as glass paintings. It can be hang anywhere - in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. They are modern and stylish art. Gray motifs, such as nature, landscapes or abstractions, add seriousness and dignity to the interior. Of course, you can also choose to put other accessories on the wall. Dark grey multiframes or flowerbeds are an interesting idea.

Recently, macramées are also very fashionable. So when you choose ashen models, you'll be in tune with current trends. These kinds of decorations look best on white and light walls, but it is up to you and your vision that the whole decoration depends. You can always hang additional shelves in grey or cotton balls.

Stick a wallpaper or paint a wall?

As far as grey arrangements are concerned, rooms with one wall painted in this colour look very modern. However, this works well in large and spacious rooms. In small rooms there is a risk that the ash will optically diminish the interior. This does not mean that in this situation the gray additives fall off completely.
The ideal solution here is a removable wallpaper. Especially the variant with depth, i.e. representing a staircase, tunnel or corridor. This will make the room visually larger and the grey will do the rest. Remember, however, that if you decide to do so, you should not overdo it with other additions. A mural has this to do with the fact that it dominates the room, and additional decorations may look kitschy. Moderation and good taste are the most important things.

Wall decorations are not everything

Wall art is one thing, but you can also bet on other gray accessories. It's an extremely versatile color, so it doesn't really matter what kind of couch or wardrobe you have. You have a lot of possibilities. Especially since ashen cushions always look great. So is the tablecloth, the vase or the pots. The latter blend beautifully with the greenery.
You can also choose a gray tissue box, curtains, clock, bedspread, carpet and whatever comes to mind. As ash is currently very fashionable, you will find many accessories in this colour in almost every shop. So if you want the grey to reign in your home too - don't hesitate. Make yourself a little bit of a shopping experience today.




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