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Photo prints for the bedroom and living room - check out modern and original arrangements and be inspired to change!

photo pictures for bedroom and living room

Photo pictures are one of the most popular interior decorations. They are original, and thanks to the high-quality print, they become a beautiful decoration of the bedroom or living room. This season, decorations will also play a major role, not only those that adorn the walls, but all those that will be included in the entire interior design, so choose the right color, print and size to enjoy a unique design.

How to choose a painting for the bedroom?

The bedroom is a room that likes variety. Depending on the available area, it can only function as a bedroom, but sometimes it happens that the bedroom is connected to the living room, then it is good to choose an image that matches the overall style of the room.

What will be fashionable in 2021?

Earth tones will be welcome in both the bedroom and the living room - from warm, caramel cinnamon to deep pastel gray. Muted greens and juicy pomegranates - they will be perfect accessories - sofas or armchairs with velor upholstery. Large paintings on a wall with a botanical motif for a living room will look good in this style. Large, green leaves or bamboo shoots will perfectly complement the entire interior arrangement and add character to it. Both warm and muted earth colors are beautiful, but very calm and neutral, so they need a contrasting addition to enliven a modern interior.

photo pictures for bedroom and living room
photo pictures for bedroom and living room
photo pictures for bedroom and living room
photo pictures for bedroom and living room

Flowers will be another fashionable accessory, not only the living ones, but also ... artificial ones! Dried bouquets of wildflowers or grain ears are one of the most desirable interior decorations in 2021. Last year, decorative wallpapers with wild flowers' motif returned to favor. This year, flowers will bloom not only on the walls or in pots, but in the entire space. Flower cushions, flower bedspreads and candles with intense aromas are perfect additions to the floral arrangement of the living room or bedroom.

Loft interiors fans will have a wide range of possibilities. This year, focus on elegance and modernity, a combination of wicker, aluminum and glass, these are ideas for the living room or kitchen. Metal finishes and accessories are elegant and blend well with loft arrangements. Unusual combinations of wicker and glass are ideas for modern and ecological furniture for the living room or bedroom.
We also encourage you to read the article Interior design - trends of 2021 - where you will find even more inspiration!

How to hang a 5-piece painting?

One of the frequently asked questions is how to hang triptychs and paintings in several parts. Indeed, it seems that assembling several images may be more difficult, but it is certainly no different than assembling a single photo image. Each picture is accompanied by hangers that should be attached from the inside, remembering that the spring hangers should be at the bottom of the picture, they have an additional function supporting the picture without frames. When installing a 5-part painting, repeat this operation for each part, making a consistent pattern on the wall. The easiest way to do this is to lay the entire pattern on the floor, before mounting, and only then install the picture on the wall.

At what height to hang paintings?

First - out of reach of children's hands. Glass and acrylic paintings are somewhat safe, because even if they fall off the wall, they will crack inside, not outside, thus minimizing the risk of cuts. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid situations in which even potentially an accident could occur.

photo pictures for bedroom and living room

Secondly - at a convenient height - that is, within easy reach of your hands, so that you can easily and quickly remove the picture from the wall if necessary. Wall decorations should not only be a unique interior decoration, but also should be functional enough to be moved from place to place.
Thirdly - the paintings should be hung in a place where there will be no other wall decorations apart from them, so as not to overwhelm the interior. If you hang pictures above the couch, it's best to keep at least one meter away from the couch to make the picture look good.

Glass decorations for the living room and bedroom

Glass decorations for the living room and bedroom include not only figurines, candles or flower pots, but also modern glass paintings. Glass pictures are made of 4-6mm thick tempered glass printed in the highest quality. The image on the glass is resistant to mechanical damage and scratches, and the print does not fade and wear off even after a long time of use. These factors make glass wall decorations very popular.

photo pictures for bedroom and living room

Photo prints - light and modern paintings on canvas

Apart from glass wall decorations, canvas prints are also popular. Light, resembling traditional, painted canvas pictures is a real revolution on the decorative market! Canvas prints can be freely hung from place to place, they are ergonomic and durable, they do not require placing in frames. Canvas prints will be an original addition to a children's room, living room or kitchen.
We hope that you will like our inspirations and ideas regarding interior design and that you will manage to change the interior effectively.




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