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Spring interior design

Spring is the time of year that everybody likes. We get an influx of vital forces and start setting new goals, looking for challenges. Everything seems simpler and more real. Even the typical spring cleanup is not so scarry anymore. Especially that they often become an excuse to change the interior. Even a few energetic details in the apartment are enough to make us feel much better.


Easter on glass

Not every decoration has to decorate the interior throughout the year. Apart from seasonal images, unique holiday decorations also look attractive. Their life is short, usually lasts for a few days or weeks. Easter motifs look exceptionally noble in the form of prints on glass. It is a durable decoration that can be used for a number of years with various additions.


Acrylic Spring

Acrylic prints are universal decorations for interiors. It's an ornament that will change the character of a room in a few moments. Among the proposed acrylic prints many of them are ideal for spring arrangements. Flowers or motifs with lush greenery in the background are suitable for every room, from a living room to a dining room and bedroom. They catch the eye, relax, carry our thoughts to the awakening nature.



Ideas for kitchen renovation - glass kitchen panels

Have you ever considered how to care for the look of your kitchen? What style will be appropriate? What colours should you choose? How Glass Splashbacks for kitchen can influence your everyday life? Our gallery of Glass Kitchen Splashbacks features many different themes that will surely enrich the look of your kitchen.



Home in winter – acrylic prints

Acrylic prints presenting food and beverages are interior decorations designed to rooms such as living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms or even bedrooms. Our uni colour walls can be easily decorated with some kitchen motifs, that presented on acrylic prints, will make the kitchen look richer and give it much more positive energy.


Religions and holidays on canvas prints.

Photo canvases with religious and holidays themes are an idea not only for occasional but permanent, nostalgic wall decorations in our homes. Decorations that we hang and use several times a year or throughout the year.