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How to arrange a loft-style living room? Ideas and inspirations

loft-style living room

The loft style is a unique combination of vintage aesthetics and modern design. The harmony between these two elements creates surprising and unique arrangements that will be appreciated by people who prefer large spaces and creative mixtures. In today's article, we will tell you how to design a loft-style living room so that the interior, despite its size, is cozier.

Loft interiors - urban style in arrangement

Loft rooms are mainly characterized by open space (elimination of most internal walls) and, as in the case of industrial interiors, there will be a lot of references to industrial decor (e.g. high ceilings, brick walls, cement floors, etc.).

The loft style is very often used in the renovation of old buildings or warehouses, using their architecture and raw finishes. And, although loft interiors often resemble a workshop at first glance, after a closer look, you can see the uniqueness of these projects and the taste of their owners.

A loft-style living room - modernity in an industrial setting

A loft living room is primarily characterized by high functionality and appropriate ornamentation. Although in an open loft space, closely related to the industrial style, the arrangement seems unfinished, in fact, every detail is thought out.

loft-style living room

Loft living room colors

The loft living room has high ceilings, large windows, a brick wall and beamed ceilings. The colors of the interior are largely based on the elements of the building structure, in which the arrangement of the room is planned. The most popular wall shades are therefore white, gray, brown, beige and black. The floor, on the other hand, is usually decorated with wood, although more and more often you can find concrete versions.

Furniture and lighting in the loft lounge

Loft rooms are very spacious, so usually one of them will combine a living room, kitchen, and sometimes also a bedroom. Therefore, when choosing the right furniture, it is worth remembering that it must harmonize with the design aesthetics of the interior, and thus match the arrangement of each zone.

Multifunctional furniture is a very popular option for loft-style living rooms, mainly because it is designed to save space. A corner with the option of sleeping or storage will be perfect for an industrial project. Lofts are also distinguished by colors and furnishing style. In the living room, you can easily mix furniture from different eras and in a variety of styles.

loft-style living room

Lighting plays an important role in a loft and industrial living room. Most of the light reaches these types of rooms through tall windows, but it is also worth investing in good-quality, bright, warm light that will help illuminate the interior also at dusk.

Where to install lights in a loft-style living room? Make use of high ceilings! Metal lighting fixtures hung at different heights will look beautiful. Thus, you can emphasize the amazing architecture of the house. On the other hand, a tall lamp in a vintage style will look good on the floor, which will perfectly accentuate the room.

As the loft style allows for a bit more color than the raw industrial style, it is worth buying such accessories in other colors, e.g. mustard, blue or in various pastel shades.

Loft decorations for the living room

With such a large space and high ceilings, a gallery wall cannot be missing in a loft-style living room. Loft-style acrylic paintings or vintage posters will be a perfect addition to fill empty spaces. In this way, you can create a creative collection of works of art, arranged in an artistic form.

loft-style living room

A good way to separate the zones in the apartment is to use modern or traditional carpets. They will distinguish the living room, lead to the hall or the kitchen. As the walls in the loft living room will be kept in neutral colors, patterned carpets will add a touch of color, texture and character to the space.

Loft style and industrial style - what connects them and what divides them?

The names loft and industrial are often used interchangeably, but from a technical point of view, both styles are two different concepts of interior decoration, even though they come from the same period.

Both aesthetics are connected primarily by freedom and space. Space plays the main role in the design of rooms in both styles. There is to be a lot of it and it is to be filled with light. Colors are another characteristic feature that combines both styles. Both arrangements are dominated by gray, white, black and contrasting combinations of these shades. The furniture will also be kept in a similar climate - lots of wood, metal, concrete and glass.

loft-style living room

And what separates the industrial style from the loft style? Decorative accessories. The industrial style is raw and minimalist. It limits decorative elements to those more functional, such as metal lamps, chairs and mirrors. On the other hand, the loft style allows for a bit more creativity in colors and graphics. The subdued colors of the interior will be broken by a bolder palette of colors, e.g. in the form of paintings on canvas, pillows or carpets.

If you want to design your space in a loft style, you do not have to limit yourself to the minimum equipment and accessories. You can shape your loft version in a cozier version yourself, through appropriately selected decorations.

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